How to get and install Kashmir3D
  1. Download Kashmir3D from here and run the downloaded install program. Kashmir3D is only for Windows PC.
  2. If you already have an older version of Kashmir, the install program will ask you, if you do not want to change all the setups of the old version.

How to get and install Space Shuttle Height Data (SRTM)

  1. Go to and read the SRTM30 documentation first.
  2. change the directory where your desired data are placed
  3. Download only and data.
  4. Extract (unzip) them into a directory where all SRTM30 data will be saved later so that other areas are combined automatically by Kashmir3D.
  5. .hdr file has UNIX format (CR) so convert it into Windows format (CR/LF). (The most simple way: Open it with Wordpad and save it again.)
  6. Drag the extracted .dem files from the explorer onto Kashmir3D, which converts them into .hgt data and registers these files automatically.

How to get and install Landsat Picture Data

  1. Go to
  2. Select Map Search and input required fields (select TM and TM+) and start search.
  3. Meta file is always necessary to down load (Meta file has .met extension.)
  4. For normal picture of visible wave length, band 1, 2, and 3 are enough. (The number of band is indicated like xxxx1.tif .. xxxx8.tif.
  5. Extract the data files and put them into a directory. Rename meta file into xxxx.met, if it has .xxxx.met.txt.
  6. Drag .tif files from the explorer onto Kashmir3D, to convert them into .xem files and registers these files automatically.

How to use these data by Kashmir3D (To combine SRTM height data and Landsat pictures, it is necessary to create .mat file.)

  1. Select menu [File]-[Open Map] Raster Map/Landsat TM 1/1 [xxxx.....dim] to open Landsat picture.
  2. Select menu [Edit]-[Setup Overlay on DEM (Mat file) and follow the dialogs coming up. (Select a .hgt file as an elevation map file.)
  3. To open the combined map (mat), select menu [File]-[Open Map] Terrain and Laster Map [MAT.DIM]/Landsat TM 1/1 [xxxxx.mat] file.

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